Ships Designed for Destination-Focused Voyages

Posted on 12/28/2023

Viking builds vessels that are carefully designed to connect their guests to local culture, with an understated interior elegance that never upstages the destination. In 2012, they introduced their innovative Viking Longships, designed to navigate Europe’s storied waters. Their agility allows them to dock in the heart of riverside cities and villages while providing a spacious onboard atmosphere, thanks to a patented design that maximizes space and generous, open areas filled with natural light. Full-size verandas, true two-room suites and the most al fresco dining available bring destinations even closer. And with an enriching variety of events and activities on shore and on board, these state-of-the-art ships fully immerse you in local culture. Viking’s Longships® have taken river voyages to a new level of sophistication and comfort throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Egypt, and along the Mississippi

Viking applied the same small ship experience to the seas, launching their destination-focused ocean voyages in 2015. In their first year — as well as consistently after that — they were named the #1 Ocean Line by Travel + Leisure.

To create the unique Viking experience at sea, they have reimagined the vessel from the inside out, and have built the world’s most elegant fleet of sister ships. Their streamlined design creates a spacious and inviting home that connects you to the places you have journeyed so far to see. With a veranda in every stateroom, the world’s beauty is close enough to touch. Throughout, the Scandinavian design of their ships celebrates our Nordic heritage: clean lines, colorful woven textiles and light woods that evoke the Viking spirit of discovery and connection to the natural world. 

Celebrating their 25th anniversary with the launch of Viking Expeditions® in 2022, they now explore all seven continents with our new voyages to Antarctica, the Arctic and the Great Lakes. And in welcoming the Viking Mississippi, they ushered in a new era of modern river voyages to America’s heartland. 

Viking invites you to see the world through a wider lens, introducing you to one fascinating culture after another. Full of limitless discoveries, Viking’s extended river, ocean and expedition voyages deliver you to the most breathtaking corners of the world and are paired with the price of just one set of flights to traverse the continents.

On these journeys, you can:

• Discover iconic cities and riverside villages throughout Europe

• Visit Scandinavia’s capitals and quaint island ports

• Encounter varied cultures in North, Central and South America

• Embark on a comprehensive itinerary that spans Asia, Australia and New Zealand

• Follow ancient trade routes between Europe and Asia

• Explore natural wonders of both polar regions: Antarctica and the Arctic

Viking has more than 250 awards to their name and their river, ocean and expedition voyages have all been named #1 by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler in the 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards. This honor only strengthens Viking’s commitment to continue creating destination-focused experiences for curious travelers—whether by river, sea or lake.

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